The Westwood CRC Directory

There are four versions available:

1. The traditional printed version in full color, 8.5 X 11 inches with comb binding is available from the church office by request. Included are the addenda for corrections which are added upon request since this is already a couple years old.

2. A PDF version will download to your computer so you can view and search it as well as print it on your own device. It will require a password to open on your screen. This is NOT the same one that let you in here, so please email and request the password. Note that this download is up to date when you download it, but any change thereafter will not be shown.

3. The online version allows you to access the web page with the directory photos and some information (limited). Go to and sign in or create a login. This is only available if we have the correct email address for you in the directory administration. This will reflect any changes made as soon as possible since this is cloud-based.

4. An App version for your portable device is available. Please read the following description and steps to install on your device:

What is the Instant Church Directory Member App and who can access it?

This is a free app that allows our members to sync our church's directory to their iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android device or Kindle Fire. Members will be able to view the church and staff information, as well as search and view family members. Members will also be able to call, email or text if a phone number or email address is available on the church, staff or family details. Any changes that are generated on Instant Church Directory Online will automatically download to each member's devices, ensuring they always have the latest information.

To download the app to your Apple device, click here:

To download the app to your Android device, click here:

To download the app to your Kindle Fire, click here:

Who can access the app?

Anyone who has an email address listed in the directory (under their family details) will be able to request access to download and sync the directory on their device. Each member will receive a password per device, which cannot be shared with other members. Any member that is set to Inactive will not be able to procure a password. If a member has the directory on their device, and is later set to Inactive, they will no longer be able to sync and access the directory until they are set back to Active. Furthermore, all of the data is protected by SSL so only you and your members will have access to your church data.

If you have a change in your directory information we would appreciate very much the information so we can keep all the members and participants correctly informed. You can call the church office at 269-381-8691 or email to or fill out the form that will come up when you click >>HERE<<.